After moving to the Bay Area from Seattle in 2011, Joshua found the perfect creative environment in the city of San Francisco.  His work with local interior designers lead to many exciting projects. He has collaborated and provided artwork for THE GAP, T-MOBILE and a host of other financial institutions, PR firms and local businesses. Welcomed by the community as one of their own, Joshua's work has been shown in countless cafes across the city.

In 2016, Joshua was showcased in the very popular San Francisco newspaper The Mission Local where he was featured for his artistic contributions to the Bay Area. 

Current Exhibitions

Noe Valley Starbucks, San Francisco:

January through April 2019

Equator Coffees and Teas, Market St San Francisco:

January through February 2019

China Basin Group Exhibition, San Francisco:

January through June2019

Artist Statement

Soundscape into landscape. A collection of visual art representing the world of sound by the use of color and line. To the artist, sound always corresponds to color with intensity always corresponding to levels of geometry. Music plays a huge factor in how the artist expresses himself through the use of paint and canvas. Chopin might invoke lavender and subtle green tones while the Beatles are almost always represented through yellows and oranges. Whatever the subject matter, the nexus of inspiration is almost alway sonically derived.

contact: shuacsmith@gmail.com